Balekambang Beach is a beach on the south coast which is located on the shores of the Indonesian Ocean administratively entrance area Source Jambe Hamlet, Village Srigonco, District Bantur, Malang, East Java [1] and is one of the mainstay tourism Malang district since 1985 until now. Balekambang main appeal of natural scenery, waves that extends almost two kilometers, as well as the vast expanse of sand nan. White sand area looks clean of trash and dirt so it is quite convenient for visitors to play and exercise. In fact, not infrequently at the beach is a place to practice a number of football clubs such as Arema and Persema.

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This coast began to grow and called on the general public in 1978, after the opening of access roads do Kadesh Srigonco Tukiran. Balekambang name becoming known after officially opened as one of the tourist attractions by Regent, Eddy Slamet in 1983. At that time the road was already on the macadam. This beach also unveiled as a scout camp Malang. Now, access to Balekambang already easy and convenient, visitors only difficulty when it is in the gulf region Mayit because incline sharp cornering. However, the way is paved smooth because of good access, it took no more than 30 minutes from the city District of Bantur to Balekambang.bale

Balekambang coast continue to improve, a number of additional facilities offered by the management, one flying fox. The game launched since August 2012, but the flying fox is only open every Saturday and Sunday. Besides flying fox, games for children are also an attraction. Diverse variants of toys such as swings, a complete animal statues available. In fact, soon will be provided ATV rentals.

Beach Balekambang than as nature, can also be called as a religious tourism. Because on certain days, thousands of visitors come to this beach to perform the ritual. For Muslims, they undergo a ritual to visit the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Jalil, the first clearing Balekambang Beach. Every 1st of Sha’ban, the pilgrims to the tomb that was spilling off the beaten track on the edge of Kali Berek, located about 1 km before entering the Coast Balekambang of Bantur direction. The origin of Sheikh Abdul Jalil reportedly came from Jogjakarta. He was a noble family who have religious knowledge is quite high, because it is so powerful influence in the community. Moreover, Sheikh Abdul Jalil, including who will not compromise with the Dutch colonizers, because the Netherlands make it as people who must be removed.

Besides Muslims, Hindus also makes this beach as the main place of worship once a year. Precisely on Nyepi, located in Pura Jati Amarta on the island Ismoyo. The island is indented in from the shoreline about 70 meters connected by a bridge. The existence of the temple is like a magnet for beach Balekambang. Nyepi tradition to hold Hindu religious rituals always awaited tourists from various regions, including foreign tourists.

Around Turkish Balekambang also available lodging for the visitors. The first is at the Bamboo are 8 rooms are priced at Rp 150 thousand per day. While most recently the Hotel Wibisana as many as 10 rooms, the quality is better than the inn Bamboo. This new class room rates priced at Rp 250 thousand per day. For the category of Large can accommodate up to six people with supported bathroom facilities and electricity. Two types of lodging have adequate facilities and fully presenting a direct view beach and sea.


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