Baluran National Park is one of the National Parks in Indonesia , located in the region Banyuputih , Wongsorejo Situbondo and Banyuwangi ( north ) , East Java , Indonesia . The name of this national park named after the mountain located in this area , namely Mount Baluran . Gate to enter the Baluran National Park is located at 7 ° 55’17.76 ” S and 114 ° 23’15.27 ” E . This national park consists of savannah vegetation types , mangrove forest , monsoon forest , coastal forest , lower montane forest , swamp forest and evergreen forests throughout the year . Savannah vegetation types dominate Baluran National Park which is about 40 percent of the total land area .


Prior to 1928 AH . Loedeboer , a hunter who has the Dutch nationality plantation concession area in Labuhan Peacock and Mount Mesigit , had stopped at Baluran . He has been paying attention and believes that Baluran has important value for the protection of wildlife , particularly large mammals . In 1930 KW . Dammerman , who served as director of the Bogor Botanical Gardens suggested the need Baluran designated as protected forests . In 1937 the Governor General of the Dutch set Baluran as a wildlife sanctuary ordinance GB . No. 9 dated 25 September 1937 Stbl . 1937 No. 544 .



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