Padang Savana Bromo | Bukit Jemplang

Padang Savana Bromo or Jemplang hill, one of the beautiful places in the region of Mount Bromo. Commonly called the “hill teletabies”, because this place resembled home movies figures child – a son named teletabies were popular in the 90s. Located in the South Mount Bromo, you can get through the sea of sand to meet with this place.


Jemplang hill – bromo savanna

Padang Savana Bromo is a carpet of green hills surrounded by towering natural courtesy to us. Very regrettable if you visit bromo but skip this bromo savanna. To get to Padang savanna bromo Jemplang located on a hill, you will pass Sand Sea, contrasting scenery which makes this area much visited by tourists, who are curious about the scenery here.

Padang Savana Bromo or Mount teletabies


Bromo region is nature tourism package that will keep us hooked because it offers natural beauty, providing fresh air is able to soothe the soul and give comfort for local residents wisdom smile makes us like being at home. it is possible we will be remembered with this place, and feel want to come back again to enjoy everything that exists in the hills “teletabies” is. In addition to use for an excursion in this place is also often used for prewedding photographers or just to satisfy his desire to get a good spot. so do not be surprised if you come here and meet some of the photographers and their models in the style of this place.

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